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DAREU mechanical gaming keyboard A87 Pro, enjoy a new feeling of typing

DAREU wireless three-mode mechanical gaming keyboard A87 Pro, with its fresh and beautiful appearance, gasket structure and purple gold axis, is very gorgeous.

DAREU wireless three-mode mechanical gaming keyboard A87 Pro is available in Black King Kong and Sky versions, and each version has two Switch options: sky axis V3 and purple gold axis Pro. What I bought is the sky version keyboard supported by purple gold axis Pro. It is packaged in a colorful cardboard box with blue sky, rainbow and cloud patterns on the front, white fonts and a simplified keyboard diagram on the back. The style is simple and better highlights the sky theme.

DAREU A87 Pro adopts an 87-key design. The keys are arranged neatly and orderly, making the size very small. The overall size of 363*135*37mm can give the mouse more space for movement and freer operation; The keyboard does not use traditional black and white tones, but is decorated with blue double mix, rainbow and blue sky patterns, and the sky theme emerges instantly.

The bottom cover of DAREU A87 Pro adopts frosted technology, with rounded corners, and a rectangular protrusion on the upper part. With two-stage feet, the keyboard can be raised from flat to a comfortable angle, making typing easier and not tiring after long-term use; It is equipped with three outlet ports for data cables. When using data cables to connect, the arrangement through the outlet ports can appear more neatly; The entire back panel is equipped with five non-slip pads, which are stable and non-slip when placed flat on the desktop; a keyboard information label is embedded in the center of the back panel.

The data cable uses a Type-C interface, the wire is relatively thick and looks to be of good quality.

In order to realize more functions on the keyboard, DAREU A87 Pro introduces the Fn key commonly used in notebook computers, and realizes uncommon functions through the Fn+ key combination, which not only saves keyboard space, but also makes operation convenient.

DAREU A87 Pro uses three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and USB wired. You can switch the connection method with one click through the switch on the left side of the keyboard.

DAREU A87 Pro uses high-purity PBT square keycaps, blue double mix, sky rainbow pattern, and surface frosting process, which makes the hand feel delicate and there is no oiling phenomenon when used. At the same time, the keycaps are curved in design, fit your fingers, save effort when tapping, and conform to ergonomics. The overall style of the keycaps is refreshing and neat. When placed on the desktop, they look like exquisite pieces of art, blending into the environment without being obtrusive.

As a mechanical keyboard, DAREU A87 Pro’s core configuration includes Switch. The purple gold axis Pro it uses is a Similar to brown switch tactile switch type. The trigger stroke is 2.1±0.3mm, the trigger pressure is 45±8gf, and the gold-plated spring makes the trigger smooth and sensitive, and the rebound feedback is rapid and obvious. Even if you tap for a long time, you will not feel numbness in your fingertips. The large keys in this keyboard use specially adjusted satellite shafts and balance bars to ensure that the keys are stable and not wobbly. At the same time, this keyboard has a newly upgraded fence Gasket structure, using a 25duro fence silicone sandwich with both softness and toughness, and a PC positioning plate to form a closed circuit, making it noise-free when used.

Let’s take a look at the detailed performance of DAREU A87 Pro. The bottom of the two-stage feet is also equipped with non-slip silicone; the data cable plug is fixed with a wire groove to avoid shaking and causing connection failure; the corners are natural, the molding is complete and free of extraneous matter, and the upper cover and the bottom cover have a good fit. These details reflect that the quality of DAREU is quite good.

Modern office entertainment often encounters the situation where laptops, IPADs and mobile phones are used at the same time, so multi-system compatibility is very necessary. This makes multi-device collaboration and switching a basic requirement. DAREU A87 Pro supports Android, MAC OS, IOS and Windows systems. You can freely switch between different devices through a one-click switch. The switching process is smooth, effectively improving the efficiency of office and entertainment, and meeting the needs of multi-tasking.

DAREU A87 Pro supports three-mode connections and can connect to different devices through Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB wired. The stability after connection is good, and there is no connection drop.

DAREU A87 Pro has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. Based on 4 hours of use per day, it can be used continuously for 45 days with the lights off, and for 7 days with the lights on. This is much longer than the battery life of ordinary keyboards, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

All keys No conflict is a very important design for gamers, who can complete it according to their own ideas through keyboard keys. DAREU A87 Pro meets this need. Even if multiple buttons are pressed at the same time, it will respond to trigger commands instantly, helping you become the king of the game.

During office work or gaming, if you turn on the keyboard light, you will instantly have a sense of atmosphere. DAREU A87 Pro supports RGB full-color backlight, and you can switch multiple lighting effects and lighting effects colors through the Fn+ key combination. Since there is an independent RGB backlight under each button, it brings a powerful visual impact when the light is turned on. At the same time, the light intensity can be adjusted by itself. The intensity is moderate and not dazzling, and it is integrated with the sky-themed keycaps.

After some experience, I feel that the sky theme of the DAREU mechanical gaming keyboard A87 Pro is fresh and stylish, the purple gold axis Pro has a good touch, and the fence-type gasket structure eliminates noise. Of course, I also hope that more colors and themes can be added in the future to choose from. For now, this keyboard is undoubtedly a good choice for people who have coding and gaming needs.

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