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What is hot swap switch mechanical keyboard?

Hello friends, it’s time again for the [Dareu Popular science small class] brought to you by Dareu peripherals. Today we will take a look at the full-key hot swap design in our recently popular DAREU-A87 Fully hot swap Custom switch Mechanical keyboard!

What exactly is hot swap? So how is hot swap done?


Hot swap switch principle

First, let’s learn about the triggering of the switch. There are two pins under each switch connected to the corresponding holes on the keyboard. The connection and disconnection of the switch are transmitted to the keyboard through the pins. Generally, the keyboard and the switch are connected through solder. This It's just a mechanical keyboard without hot swap.

The hot swap switch has a fixed conductive medium in the hole where the switch is connected to the keyboard, so that it can be plugged and unplugged without soldering.

Types of hot swap

Aluminum sheet hot swap:

Aluminum sheet hot swap is relatively simple. The circuit board is hollowed out, filled with aluminum sheet as a conductor, and the aluminum sheet and the keyboard hole are welded together. This design only requires a simple modification of the circuit board, and the cost is not high, but the aluminum sheet is easily damaged during the plugging and unplugging process, and in the end it can only be solved by soldering the aluminum sheet.

Sleeve hotswap:

Sleeve hotswap, by welding the sleeve to the hole of the circuit board, is often used by DIY players. Compared with the aluminum sheet above, the connection will be more stable, and it is easier to solve the problem of pin thickness that cannot be inserted ( Use tweezers to flatten the pins).

Axis seat hot swap:

Next is the currently better plug-in switch solution, Axis seat hot swap. The pin holes on the circuit board have reserved copper holes. This hot swap solution is compatible with most mechanical Axis (the contact will not be affected by the thickness of the pins). Compared with the above two hot swap solutions, the Axis seat hot swap is more stable and compatible, but the cost is also higher.

A87-DAREU Custom switch Mechanical keyboard

DAREU-A87 Fully hot swap Custom switch Mechanical keyboard not only has powerful hot swap playability, but also has Dareu sky axish and Dareu purple gold axis options, a cross switch core similar to MX switch, and is compatible with most keycaps on the market. Give you a more convenient DIY Mechanical keyboard option.

Okay, that’s it for today’s [Dareu Popular science small class]. Friends who want to know more peripheral information or want to discuss it with you are welcome to leave a message at the end of the article for interaction.

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