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What are the upgrade points for Dareu A87 Pro mechanical keyboard?

Dareu A87 series mechanical keyboard, as a classic of the A series mechanical keyboard, has brought us countless surprises and improved feel. From the detachable Adsorption upper cover design that combines humanity and personality, to the very charming theme version, and then to the full-key hot swap design and the addition of a silencer silicone layer to eliminate cavities, and then to today's A87 Pro mechanical keyboard, what upgrades and surprises will Dareu bring us this time?

Fenced Gasket Structure

The Gasket structure has been further optimized and its feel has been upgraded.

The Dareu A87 Pro mechanical keyboard not only uses a gasket structure design for the first time, but also further optimizes the silicone sandwich layer of the gasket structure. It uses a 3.5mm thick 25duro integrated fence silicone sandwich that is both soft and tough to make the inner bag more airtight. It is equipped with a soft and tough 1.5mm thick PC material positioning plate, which greatly reduces the internal cavity of the keyboard. The feel and sound of pressing each mechanical axis are purer, and you can feel a purer key axis feel.


Dareu Custom hotswap switch, feels more comfortable

Dareu A87 Pro mechanical keyboard is equipped with Dareu Custom hotswap switch - Violet gold switch Pro/Blue sky switch V3. The Blue sky switch has a light linear feel and the Violet gold switch has a unique step feel. High-strength alloy springs are used inside the shaft, and gold-plated contacts are added to the shaft spring to ensure a more stable feel, Shaft life is longer.

Battery life is about 30 days

Intelligent sleep, long-lasting power

Dareu A87 Pro has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which further optimizes battery power consumption and has an intelligent sleep system. It can be used for up to a month with the lights turned off, and can be used continuously for about a week with the lights turned on (data comes from Dareu Labs, Calculated based on 4 hours of daily connection usage. Changes according to personal usage habits). The keyboard can be charged through a wired connection and can be used while charging.

Dareu A87 series mechanical keyboard

Personal style

The DareuA87 series mechanical keyboard brings us a personalized style of appearance design, a variety of personalized color schemes, and constantly updated theme style designs; It also brings us an exclusive and personalized feel experience, a full-key hot swap design with customized key shaft feel and Dareu Custom hotswap switch. We can say that the Dareu A87 series mechanical keyboard is a sincere and refined product dedicated to every hard-core player. We will also continue to optimize and upgrade, and are committed to providing every user with a more professional, higher-end, and more personalized peripheral equipment experience.

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