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Learn about Dareu EM901 lightweight DUAL MODE mouse & colorful charging stand

Hard-core lightweight improvements and a new gaming mouse charging solution. Dareu EM901 lightweight DUAL MODE mouse and colorful charging stand.

Dareu further optimizes the weight of the mouse body, adopting an innovative endoskeleton design and a slim yet sturdy shell. Let Dareu EM901 lightweight DUAL MODE mouse achieve 85 grams of weight without punching holes. Whether it is wired mode or wireless mode, it can give you a lighter game control feeling, allowing you to play for a long time without getting tired.

Type-C wired connection plus 2.4G wireless connection DUAL MODE solution, Equipped with Dareu ATG-4090 game engine, Make 2.4G wireless transmission comparable to wired transmission speed; Excellent pointer accuracy combined with good pointer control, Can effectively capture every moving detail, It can be used in different application scenarios.

Built-in 930mAh lithium battery, competitive games will not drop. 2.4G game-grade wireless connection can be used continuously for about 10 days. Can be directly connected to the computer through the Type-c interface for charging. Normal use will not be affected during the charging process. It can also be used with a colorful charging base. The mouse can be charged directly through the adsorption base. Give you more wireless gaming mouse charging solutions.

Colorful RGB is more than just charging

The Dareu RGB colorful base is equipped with a separate USB interface, which can not only charge the EM901 lightweight DUAL MODE gaming mouse, but also connect devices such as NANO receivers.

The RGB colorful base is equipped with a variety of lighting effect modes, which can be easily matched with desktop peripheral lights. With a variety of RGB lighting effects, the desktop will be bright and beautiful.

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