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Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse Dream version

Beautiful and romantic Jumping at the fingertips, Dream encounter Will also be held in hand.Since Dareu launched the A87 Dream version themed mechanical keyboard, which was originally produced by Dareu's design team with purely hand-painted techniques, the Dream theme style has been deeply loved by players and users. Following the A87 Dream theme version, Dareu will launch the EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse-Dream version.

Continuing the original painting of "Dream", the main color design is blurred and dreamy purple and white. The combination of classic sky elements and white dove elements gives Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse-Dream version a layer of deep romance and fantasy. Transform the artistic conception of "Dream" on the mouse, making the aesthetic sense of dream and reality within reach.

Light feel More comfortable

Continuing Dareu’s hard-core punch-free lightweight technology, Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse adopts an innovative endoskeleton design. The carefully designed 3D structure of the shell is made using an advanced high-speed molding machine. Making the case not only slim but also stronger and more durable. Core no-punch lightweight technology, The Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse weighs only 85 grams. Reduce hand burden during gaming competitions, Allowing you to maintain a stable and comfortable control feeling during long-lasting battles.

Dual mode games More free

Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse adopts wired + 2.4G wireless dual connection mode. Millisecond-level 2.4G wireless transmission technology brings you almost the same wired state, Able to continuously search for and connect to high-quality signals, Ensure the stability of data transmission, You can easily switch the connection mode through the switch button at the bottom of the mouse to meet your different gaming needs.

Precise control More stable

Equipped with Dareu customized game engine, With 6000dpi mouse sampling rate, Excellent pointer accuracy and good pointer control feeling, With the driver, it can realize full-key macro programming and multi-level DPI adjustment. Give you more stable competitive performance, It can be easily controlled whether playing games or working.

RGB colorful charging base

Dareu EM901 lightweight dual mode gaming mouse can not only be charged via Type-C cable, It is also equipped with an RGB colorful charging base. The adsorption charging base gives you a more convenient charging method. With a variety of RGB lighting effect modes, It becomes a different landscape on your desktop.

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