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Dareu A98 TRI-MODE mechanical keyboard has a cutting-edge feel. Are you interested?

Today I was browsing the background and found a message from a fan, so I would like to share it with you here.

After seeing this passage, the editor fell into deep thought: Which Dareu keyboard has the best feel?

These keyboards from A87 to A100 to A84 are all very good and have been affirmed by a large number of fans; but we are a group of young teams who dare to break the rules and break through themselves. When I saw the Dareu product department giving internal training, the Dareu design team When making promotional pictures. I think I have the answer.

That's right, it is our Dareu A98 TRI-MODE mechanical keyboard. To be honest, we call it the "strongest feel"!

The reason why we are so confident comes from our careful polishing of every detail of the A98 keyboard:

Excellent hand experience, attractive appearance and color matching, mass-produced gasket structure, thoughtful TRI-MODE switching, innovative battery prompts, etc.; A98 TRI-MODE mechanical keyboard provides three different styles: [RoyalBlue] [Red] [LightSlateGray] versions are available.

"RoyalBlue" is a boy's dream,

Wearing a mecha to protect our homeland

Go forward courageously without fear

"Red" is brightly colored,

Wanton laughter and tears, the return of youth

Straight up the cloud sail and ride the wind and waves

"LightSlateGray" is low-key and restrained

Be like the light and dust without showing any edge

Be open-minded and humble

In addition to its online appearance, such a powerful keyboard is also priced at a very affordable price.

The fan who left a message, are you interested in this keyboard?

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