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Dareu A87 TRI-MODE keyboard-DREAM version is here to meet you

Write a poem in words

Paint a picture with a brush

Use craftsmanship to create a true and beautiful masterpiece

Will be back together with DREAM

Dareu A87 TRI-MODE keyboard-DREAM version

With proficient design skills, purely hand-painted to create the unique aesthetic conception of "DREAM".

With delicate theme elements, painting style and color matching, it highly restores the artistic conception and touch.

The hand-painted style matching the theme allows the dreamy "DREAM" to be fully displayed on the keyboard

It gives Dareu A series mechanical keyboard a unique aesthetic sensory experience.

The Dareu "DREAM" theme version of the mechanical keyboard is in a dreamy lavender color.

It makes people fall into dreams and reverie,

The girl is in the clouds and clear sky,

The free-flying white dove, this beautiful image that seems both real and illusory,

Just like its name "DREAM" makes all nothingness feel as if it is within reach.

Equipped with Dareu Aqua Switch, it uses high-strength alloy springs and gold-plated contact springs to make the key shafts feel more stable and the Switch has a longer life. All keys support hot swap and are compatible with 90% of mechanical Switches on the market, allowing you to DIY and replace various mechanical switches at will.

It has three connection methods: wired USB, 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.1, and is compatible with WINDOWS, MAC, IOS and Android systems. The keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which only needs to be charged about 15 times a year.

Basic parameters:

Switch: Dareu Aqua Switch

Connection method: wired/wireless 2.4G/Bluetooth 5.1

Keycap: PBT material

Lighting: RGB lighting

Other features: full key shaft hot swap, replaceable Adsorption upper cover

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