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Dareu A104 All keys hot swap mechanical keyboard is here to meet you

The flowers do not turn and the birds do not sing, which is better than all kinds of customs;

There are indeed thousands of words in the snap of fingers and the sound of keys.

"FLOWER TALK" is an original theme created by Dareu design team using pure hand-painting.

Restore the artistic conception and feel of "FLOWER TALK" with delicate theme elements, style and color matching

Dareu A104 All keys hot swap mechanical keyboard

Meet you

New color scheme

All keys are arranged more comprehensively

Dareu A104 mechanical keyboard adopts standard 3-zone 104key key arrangement. Inheriting the gaming performance of Dareu A series peripherals, it is equipped with an All keys anti-ghost matrix to ensure that the 104 keys All keys are conflict-free. The driver supports the use of All keys macro definition, giving you a more comprehensive and convenient use experience.

All keys are hot-swappable and can be changed at will

The all keys position adopts a stable hot-swappable Shaft seat design, and is compatible with three-pin and five-pin mechanical switches, making it easy to customize a mechanical keyboard that suits your own usage habits.

Dareu Custom hotswap switch

The Dareu A104 mechanical keyboard is equipped with Dareu's customized mechanical switches. The Blue sky switch with a light linear feel and the Violet gold switch with a unique step feel are optional. The interior of the shaft uses imported high-strength alloy springs, and gold-plated contacts are added to the shaft springs to ensure a more stable feel and longer shaft life.

Delicate feel Pure reduction

Dareu A104 mechanical keyboard uses stable and durable PBT material keycaps and Dareu Custom hotswap switch. Built-in reinforced metal panel and high-toughness sound-absorbing silicone layer, The 3.5mm thick silicone pad and the 1.5mm thick iron panel form a tight closed circuit. Effectively reduces the fine noise caused by the vibration caused by tapping the shaft switch during use of the keyboard. Ensure that the keyboard feels and sounds more pure and comfortable, not harsh.

Basic parameters:

Shaft: Dareu Custom hotswap switch (Blue sky switch/Violet gold switch)

Keycap: PBT material

Key layout: standard 3 areas104key

Performance: All keys no conflict Supports macro settings

Connection method: Type-C cable

Lighting: multi-mode ice blue light

Other features: Adsorption upper cover, All keys hot swap

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