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A950 three-mode wireless gaming mouse is coming

Pursuing the ultimate experience of Ranger Mouse? Come and try the A950 three-mode wireless gaming mouse! Let you feel the charm of the master of grip and easily control every game

A950pro three-mode wireless mouse, a mouse that has been tested by hundreds of thousands of users and has received rave reviews. Its precise positioning, smooth feel, and unique ergonomic design are all to bring you more comfortable and more Convenient operation experience. Whether it is work or gaming, A950pro can meet your needs, so that you can feel its excellent performance in every use.

A950pro magnesium alloy mouse has three connection methods: wired connection, 2.4G connection and Bluetooth 5.1 connection. It adopts P3358 high-performance optical sensor, which can capture the subtle movements of the mouse with excellent accuracy and accurately synchronize to the computer pointer without stuttering. It enables you to control precisely in the game, and it is equipped with Nordic52833 main control chip, which supports long-distance mode, which will greatly improve the stability of transmission, improve the accuracy of user use, and reduce problems such as jumping and stuttering.


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  • sawyer

    do you have drivers for the A950 pro i can not find them

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